MOD Guitar Summit Promo

MOD Guitar Summit Promo

MOD Guitar Summit Promo

win 50€ in plugins with your purchase

BUY A MOD DWARF and save 50€!

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From September 22nd until October 15th, individuals who buy a MOD Dwarf will receive a 50€ voucher to use on any paid plugins available in the MOD Plugin Shop. 

To claim your voucher, all you have to do is send an email to with proof of purchase of the MOD Dwarf during the promotional period and include the serial number of your purchased unit. 

Once we have verified your information, we will promptly send the voucher straight to your inbox. Please keep in mind that this promotion is exclusively for new unit purchases.  MOD Dwarf purchases later returned by the buyer will have its issued voucher cancelled.

Discover the fascinating world of neural modeling within the MOD Platform on the dedicated page. 

For more details about our exciting new AI powered simulators and other premium plugins, visit the commercial plugins page

You can conveniently purchase a cutting-edge MOD Dwarf from any retailer within our extensive network.

*MOD Dwarf purchases returned by the buyer will have the issued voucher cancelled.