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Much more than devices, MOD is a diverse community of music and technology lovers, with people from all backgrounds.

Performances with MOD Audio devices

Watch and listen to our community members perform with their MOD Audio devices.

From acoustic to electronic, discover a variety of musical genres and get inspired by what can be achieved with our products.

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Rated Blue – “Wrong Foot”

Watch Rated Blue – Glen MacArthur’s project with his son, Connor – playing a beautiful rendition of Wrong Foot. Glen is a long time enthusiast of Open Source Software and maintains the great AV Linux distro. He uses the MOD Duo in this performance.

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Essor et Chute (de notre civilisation)

Watch Romain Baret, part of The Collective Pince-Oreilles, performing at Le Périscope. Rom uses the MOD Dwarf for his delays and also some other effects.

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Spectral Gates – ‘Holocene’

Watch Daniel Arena, member of Spectral Gates, performing at the release of their Holocene album. Daniel created his own plugins – the amazing remaincalm suite – and uses the MOD Duo to process his guitar.

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Riverrun – Jahilia/Burek

Watch clarinetist Peter Lutek, member of Riverrun, using with the MOD Duo, controlled by his own arduino-based switch/pedal-to-MIDI converter and the MOD CC switchbox. He also uses a TAP special pickup for woodwinds.

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Steve Lawson

Watch bassist Steve Lawson perform at the Vocoder Festival. Steve has the MOD Duo X as the core of his setup and is known in the community for making the most mind boggling pedalboards, pulling out an outstanding amount of different sounds from his bass using the MOD Duo X.

Being a musician is a lifelong learning journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. No matter how knowledgable you are, there’s a place for you here.

The MOD Forum

At the heart of the MOD community is the MOD Forum, serving as a hub for discussion, collaboration, and support.

Participation is high, with engineers, designers, and executives all contributing their insights and perspectives. This level of engagement sets MOD apart from other platforms, where users may encounter more generic responses or delays in getting answers.

Overall, the forum is a valuable and useful resource that reflects the passion and dedication of the MOD community.

Read below some impressions and testimonials from the users themselves to get a taste of it.

User: LievenDV

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: How modular synths ACTUALLY work
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Finding the right plugins for the high gain guitar tone I was trying to achieve
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: A plugin developer (brummer) answering my need for a functionality with an actual new version of a plugin!
  • The forum was able to help me with: A lot of things and always in a positive and constructive matter!

User: danielblues

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: Make automation macros with cv
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Not needed yet
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: Beta plugins!
  • The forum was able to help me with:Many things, most cv stuff.

User: CarloDossi

  • One thing I learned in the forum is:Make an awesome “freeze” effect
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Setting an external midi controller
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: Double octave down
  • The forum was able to help me with:Find good starting point for my pedalboards and shape them helped by user suggestion and AI assistant

User: Coffeetableworkshop

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: How to use crossfeed delay
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Noise issues
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: User pedal boards and how others were using the pedal in their workflow.
  • The forum was able to help me with: Why snapshots weren’t saving. (I wasn’t saving the pedal board afterwards)

User: unbracketed

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: There’s so many things I’ve learned over the years ranging from technical matters like choice of effects, creating soundscapes and lush textures, to general tips for creativity and how to use the tools at hand during the creative process.
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Suggestions for handling vocal / microphone input, especially for compression options
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: I’m bad at picking favorites for anything in life. I like that people from all different musical backgrounds and genres are able to come together and share their experiences and knowledge. It’s often the case that someone starts a topic about a feature request and the community is either able to help find a suitable workaround or guide the discussion to a place where the solution can put on a short-term development roadmap.
  • The forum was able to help me with: Learning how to use the device well beyond a fancy effects pedal and as the basis for many avenues of creative exploration. For example, managing vocals, sequencing background beats and melodies, using synths and MIDI-capable generators, and exploring different musical genres by piggybacking on what others shared.

User: Elk Wrath

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: The importance of gain staging within a board. How audio paths work in a digital environment, and a massive overview of the open source audio world.
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Advanced troubleshooting from devs, immediate customer service, basic-intermediate help/troubleshooting from users
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: All of the new firmware release topics. Content sharing
  • The forum was able to help me with: PSU noise issues

User: plutek

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: How to use make device or MIDI encoders control more than one plugin parameter.
  • I was able to quickly get help with: Returning my MOD device to a functional state when I built a default pedalboard which locked up immediately.
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: Contribute | Bugs Reports | Footswitch extension behaviour
  • The forum was able to help me with: That “Footswitch extension behaviour” topic is just one clear example of the manner in which the forum helps all the time to uncover, clarify, and ultimately solve bugs. …incomparable dialogue between users, devs, and other MOD personnel… 🙂

User: malfunction54

  • One thing I learned in the forum is: The existence of and use of the CV plugins
  • I was able to quickly get help with: A variety of technical and stylistic inquiries
  • One of my favourite forum topics was: “Show Us Your MOD Setup” (I’ll confess that I started it, but I really wanted to see how people are using their MOD units)
  • The forum was able to help me with: Understanding the variety of use cases that MOD units can be a part of

Would you like to participate?

Sound demos

Our community members love to showcase their creativity and skills. Check out their sound demos of the pedalboards they created using our products. From classic rock to experimental soundscapes, find your own tone and discover new possibilities.

Zugspitze R+ | Delay and Reverb Pedal

by spunktsch

A quick and easy creative tool with lots of versatility for the MOD Dwarf

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by Zwabo

A board created as a tribute to John Martyn, one of the iconic users of the Echoplex Master

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MOD DUO + Neotrellis M4

by schwalb

Great pairing of a Neotrellis + MOD Duo, with looping and interesting movement responses for bass

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by redcloud

Looping board with delays, playing a theme by guitarist Stig Trip

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Taktgeber D+ | Modern Metal Groovebox

by spunktsch

complete board, featuring generators for rhythm, synth and a full FX chain.

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These tutorials cover a wide range of topics related to music-making with the MOD system, and they’re tailored to the unique needs and interests of MOD users. The tutorials are created with a sense of generosity and a desire to share knowledge, and they’re an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get the most out of the system.

How to build a DOUBLE PEDALBOARD to go straight to a PA

by zwabo

A double instrument board, for electric and acoustic guitar simultaneously

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How to build a pedalboard and map parameters on a MOD device

by Elk Wrath

A in-depth dive on how to create a board and assign the parameters to the physical MOD units.

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Create a rock guitar preset from scratch

by redcloud

Extensive step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble a board from scratch to fine adjustments.

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MOD Dwarf synth patching

by PedalEffected

A tutorial for using the Dwarf as a synth plus effects.

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MOD Dwarf – How to metal

by spunktsch

A quick rundown for dialing in a metal tone.

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Unbox and explore the world of MOD Audio

Are you curious about what MOD Audio has to offer? Our unboxing and first impressions videos give you an inside look at our products and show you what they can do right out of the box. From exploring the features to experimenting with effects, these videos are the perfect introduction to the world of MOD Audio.

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