Discover unlimited patching freedom and a world of audio inspiration with our extensive sound-shaping tools. From mastering utilities to rich cabinet simulators, shimmering reverbs, and authentic tape delays, the options are all available to help you discover endless sonic possibilities.

Marsh 1960 – 12€

The Marsh 1960 cabsim comes with 39 carefully captured impulse responses based on the Marshall™ 1960A, the most iconic and best-selling guitar cabinet in history. It is equipped with 4 Celestion™ G12-T75 speakers, which are fantastic for any kind of rock sound.

AC/DC, Nirvana, Green Day, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton and a lot more artists have used this cabinet in their recordings for decades. The chance that one of your favorite records is made with a Marshall™ 1960 is close to 100%.

The impulse responses used for this plugin are not based on just any „normal” Marshall™ 1960A. It’s the 1995 Limited Edition in red which was usually shipped with a Marshall™ JCM 800 head (also in red). Only 200 units of this particular type were produced.

MEGA California Recto – 12€

The Mesa™ Boogie 4×12 Rectifier cabinet is probably the most wanted guitar cabinet of all time. Metallica, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Wes Borland – the list of successful bands and guitarists using this cabinet is beyond comparison. Its tight attack paired with a powerful top end sound has shaped modern guitar sounds for the last 30 years.

Four UK Made Celestion™ Vintage 30 speakers are loaded in this Mesa™ Boogie 4×12 Rectifier cab, which are carefully captured to spark in your mix!

Each IR is available in three variations: Tube provides a warm low end response and subtle tube distortion, Solid (State) gives an uncolored representation of the cabinet and S.P.A.R.C. is a unique flavour with a balanced frequency response that helps you cut through the mix.

ENG 212 – 12€

The ENG 212 cabsim comes with 39 carefully captured impulse responses based on the Engl™ E 212VH. This cabinet is loaded with two Celestion™ Vintage 30 speakers, designed to handle high powered and overdriven amplifier sounds. It also features a closed back for a tight bass response. The cabinet is especially suited for high gain, rock and metal tones.

Each IR is available in three variations: Tube provides a warm low end response and subtle tube distortion, Solid (State) gives an uncolored representation of the cabinet and S.P.A.R.C. is a unique flavour with a balanced frequency response that helps you cut through the mix.

OverTone DSP

DT-1 Distortion – 10€

The DT-1 is not your typical overdrive effect. The association of complex analogue circuit design and digital processing makes it rich and expressive and gives it that sought-after vintage feel. Ranging from gentle blues style sustain to more straightforward fuzz tones, the DT-1 is a versatile tool which adds depth and color to all of your sounds.

*Already included in MOD Dwarf

CR-1 Chorus – 10€

This chorus pedal is intended to emulate a classic, analogue and vintage sound. Ranging from subtle modulation effects to bright coloration, the CR-1 will add a retro feel and enhance all of your instruments.

*Already included in MOD Dwarf

WAH-1 AutoWah – 10€

The WAH-1 was inspired by the classic manually operated Wah-Wah pedals and aims to capture the expressive richness of vintage analogue sounds associated with a responsive envelope which responds naturally to instrument dynamics. The WAH-1 adds colourful, resonant filter effects to any chosen instrument.

*Already included in MOD Dwarf

PH-1 Phaser – 10€

Inspired by vintage guitar pedal classics, the PH-1 is a combination of detailed analogue modelling and digital processing which results in a wide range of phasing sounds. From subtle shimmer to rich rotating speaker effects, it can be used to enhance all instruments or even an entire mix.

*Already included in MOD Dwarf

Shiroverb mkII – 12.99€

The Shiroverb MkII is the big brother of the Shiroverb. This shimmer reverb comes with a few unique improvements which make it even more versatile. It features stereo inputs and the parameters are more flexible than ever. The

Predelay is optional which gives the possibility to have a dry attack. For a full-on effect, the mix can get fully wet. The Early-Tail parameter lets you have control over the amount of early reflections and reverb tail. Nothing like a good shimmer!

Phantom Zone – 10€

The Phantom Zone is a dimension chorus that provides an almost 3D sound from a particular use of thickness, depth, and width. The buttons change the strength and depth of the effect in four different intensities. To create this pedal, SHIRO has drawn inspiration from an 80s hit, the Boss DC-2 Dimension Chorus©.

Gaffa – 12.99€

The SHIRO Gaffa is a very characterful delay. It doesn’t perfectly replicate your input like digital delays do, but instead it explores the irregularities, quirks and sound coloring of analog tape delays.

The Gaffa has the more straightforward delay controls such as MIX, LOWCUT, REPEATS and TIME. On top of that, there are controls such as BIAS, CRINKLE, DRIFT, WOWFLUTTER and TAPEAGE that allow you to configure each aspect of your perfect tape delay sound.

The cherry on top is the TRAILS switch. This switch sets whether the plugin ON/OFF switch bypasses the input, or the output of the plugin. With the TRAILS enabled, this results in the effected sound peacefully dying out when you bypass the plugin.


RMPro – 29€

RMPro is an audio mastering plugin that will make your live music sound amazing by implementing it at the end of your pedal chain. RMPro optimizes any audio signal in real time adding depth, clarity, definition, presence and incredible stereo field imaging. There are several profiles to get you rolling but you can tweak for your specific taste and achieve that consistent sound wherever you are performing.

GxCreamMachine – 10€

Inspired by the Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine, a miniature guitar tube amp used to produce the classic over-driven British Rock tone, the GxCreamMachine is an analogue simulation of a full stage power amp which will allow you to easily feed your signal into a PA system. Control compression and saturation with the “level” knob to get that creamy sound.

*Already included in MOD Dwarf

GxBoobTube – 10€

The BoobTube is a more versatile variation of the ValveCaster, a famous DIY guitar pedal schematic first put together in 2007 by Matsumin. The BoobTube offers a warm, harmonically rich range of tones, from bright fuzzes to darker distortions, without actually colouring the sound. The DIY project quickly became popular amongst sound enthusiasts searching for that tube-y goodness.

GxValveCaster – 10€

The ValveCaster is a famous DIY guitar pedal schematic first put together in 2007 by Matsumin. Originally, the goal was to create a real tube boost/overdrive pedal that would run on a single 9 volt battery. With its wide range of drives, distortions and fuzzes, the ValveCaster adds a harsher, brighter colouring to the sound while offering a precise, nuanced range within the tone control.

Titan – 10€

The Titan is a modern dual channel guitar amplifier that delivers a wide spectrum of sounds, ranging from crystal clear cleans to crunchy rhythm tones, and all the way up to punches of a real high gain monster.

There is an internal noise gate that helps tighten up the sound, which can be enabled from the parameters menu. The lead channel has a boost and a bright switch. The latter removes some low end for an even tighter modern metal tone.

Each gain stage of the titan has been hand built and tested in an analog counterpart, before being carefully modeled in the digital domain. This clever combination of mathematics and signal processing leads to a very responsive and dynamic sounding amplifier.


WOV – 15€

WOV is the ultimate plugin for all tremolo freaks. Its advanced features make it versatile and ultra-shapeable. Ranging from basic tremolo settings to unique noise or experimental styles, the WOV has endless sonic possibilities and can even be used as a wave generator and modulator. Cool fact: its second audio output works as an oscillator instead of a stereo out.


This delay plugin was inspired both by adventures with analog tape and by otherworldly textural effects only possible in the digital world. Whether you’re looking for bread-and-butter delay sounds, subtle enhancements, or evolving experimental echoes, TTAP fits what you need.

*Coming soon

Looperlative LP3

The looper features 2 independent stereo tracks with 2 switchable parts per track, Infinite overdubs, undo/redo limited only by available storage, async, Internal Sync and/or MIDI sync, Store/recall track audio.

Analogue Acid House & Techno – 10€

Made in collaboration with the sample pack label Soul Rush, the Analogue Acid House & Techno sample player features 5 tracks of high quality, Acid House & Techno one-shot drum samples. Get that analog-sounding goodness and tweak each track’s controls, allowing you to shape every sound to your taste. With an optional LFO linked to sample selection, to spice up your loops with more movement and depth.

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