Legacy devices

The products below are not anymore manufactured, but are still supported by MOD Audio.

The plugins in the MOD platform – including new releases – are generally available for all devices, limited only by hardware limitations*.


Standalone processing hub for performing musicians and music producers. This sleek and sturdy desktop device comes packed with lots of CPU power, lots of controls, and lots of inputs and outputs, giving you maximum versatility and creative freedom.


The original MOD device.

The pedal that finally bridged the gap between the stompbox world and digital tools. It offers hundreds of virtual units, smart controls, multiple analog pre-amps, and an ultra-compact design.

Plugins not available for all devices:

  • Looperlative LP3 Basic (available only for MOD Dwarf and MOD Duo X)
  • Looperlative LP3 One (available only for MOD Dwarf and MOD Duo X)
  • Hardware Bypass (available only for MOD Duo, MOD Duo X LE and MOD Duo X)