MOD’s standalone devices and open platform give lifetime value in music-making for any musician eager to stretch the limits of sound and blur the lines of music genres and instruments.

“I’m blown away by the MOD capabilities. The sounds I’m getting are killer.”

— Joey Zampella, Life of Agony

Endless rigs on a standalone device

The MOD devices house countless virtual gear setups in a compact device that you can take anywhere. They are durable and streamlined to endure road use.

Total patching freedom

Create unique sounds and setups connecting Audio, MIDI, and CV plugins with the freedom of the virtual world.
Our easy-to-use interface allows you to connect, split, merge, and even feedback signals without limitations

An enormous, ever-expanding collection of plugins

Regular new plugin releases allow you to continuously explore new sounds and setups without a need for extra hardware.

MOD Dwarf

Compact and powerful standalone device helping you express your creativity at home, in the studio, or at a live performance.


Standalone processing hub for performing musicians and music producers. This sleek and sturdy desktop device comes packed with lots of CPU power, lots of controls, and lots of inputs and outputs, giving you maximum versatility and creative freedom.

“It’s the perfect effects tool.”

— Modeselektor

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