After all, what is digital simulation, in the real world?

After all, what am I simulating? In 1989, the American sound engineer Andrew Bartta created the company Tech 21, creating the now very well known Sansamp pedal in the early 90’s, which introduced a new concept of amplifier modeling, analogically simulating the main equalization characteristics of 3 well-known brands of amplifiers, Fender, Marshall and Mesa-Boogie. [...] read more

Investigating Signal Chain Optimization

Anyone working with amplified and electronic instruments has experienced signal chain issues of one kind or another. With the output of one device routed into another, characteristics of the chain can develop causing a well-known villain in the audio world to appear- noise. In its various manifestations noise can be annoying and difficult to deal [...] read more

Agility and Imagination: Interfacing Technique and Inspiration

In this entry, we will explore the overlap in how the MOD open-source modular system complements the modern musician and enhances their ability for self-expression and to develop a signature sound while helping to avoid the trap of boredom. Regardless of your chosen means of musical expression, discovering and nurturing your ability to connect with [...] read more

Chromatic Spontaneity: Borrowing From Generative Music Systems

The age of automated consumer content is nigh… Technologists propose the possibility of “functional” music, fully synthesized by algorithms that have integrated the silicon combinations of tonality to a standard of perfection. A.I hiveminds crunching our audio pleasure information into infinite automatic arrangements rendered on-demand… But like most glacial inevitables, coming to grips with, and [...] read more

What happens when you cross an effects pedal with a computer?

It can be very easy to work with digital plugins in your music productions – whether to emulate effects, instruments or amplifiers – as long as you are in your studio controlling everything in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). But think about how complicated it is to take those same sounds to the stage.  You [...] read more