Investigating Signal Chain Optimization

Anyone working with amplified and electronic instruments has experienced signal chain issues of one kind or another. With the output of one device routed into another, characteristics of the chain can develop causing a well-known villain in the audio world to appear- noise. In its various manifestations noise can be annoying and difficult to deal [...] read more

Chromatic Spontaneity: Borrowing From Generative Music Systems

The age of automated consumer content is nigh… Technologists propose the possibility of “functional” music, fully synthesized by algorithms that have integrated the silicon combinations of tonality to a standard of perfection. A.I hiveminds crunching our audio pleasure information into infinite automatic arrangements rendered on-demand… But like most glacial inevitables, coming to grips with, and [...] read more

MOD OS Update v1.10

We are very excited to officially launch our new MOD OS update, version 1.10, for all MOD devices.  This update brings many new features and tweaks to the platform and device controllers: file handling support, improvements to actuators addressing, a big update for the Duo device controller, and many more things to get excited about! [...] read more

Effect pedals: from analog to digital

Learn the history of effect pedals and see how technology now allows you to obtain the same sounds using virtual pedalboards with digital plugins Over the years, musical instruments have been modified to better meet the sound needs of musicians as well as the musical demands of each era. With technological advancement, new instruments were [...] read more

Amp simulator: is it worth using this feature?

An amplifier simulator pedal, also called “boxed amp”, is basically a drive pedal with sound characteristics and equalizers that reproduce the sound of a complete amplifier, including its preamp, poweramp and cabinet. It can be used like any drive pedal, connected to the input of your amplifier to obtain different sounds of distorted sounds. But [...] read more

Open source audio plugins: how to better use this feature?

Plugins are very useful resources for the work of any musician, music producer or audio engineer. They make it possible to emulate sounds from real instruments, process sounds and even create entirely new sounds. Nowadays you can emulate analog equipment that was previously inaccessible with a high degree of precision, or develop a musical identity [...] read more