Neural Modeling Overview

What’s Neural Modeling? Neural modeling in the context of guitar equipment refers to the use of artificial neural networks to create digital versions of analog amplifiers and effect pedals. By training a neural network on the responses of various amplifier circuits and effect pedal designs to different input signals, it is possible to create a [...] read more

Guide: Capturing a Guitar Amplifier

This post is an extension of the Neural Modeling Guide. For more info on the whole process, please visit the general guide page. Capturing the sound of a guitar amplifier is crucial for creating an AI model that simulates its effect accurately. In this post, we will discuss the process of capturing the sound of [...] read more

Guide: AIDA-X Training with Colab

Welcome to the AIDA-X model training guide. Here’s what you need to know and do to create custom models for the AIDA-X plugin. We aim to create an AI model that can simulate the effect of a guitar amplifier or pedal using neural networks. The creation of models for AIDA-X consists of three steps: 1. [...] read more