After all, what is digital simulation, in the real world?

After all, what am I simulating? In 1989, the American sound engineer Andrew Bartta created the company Tech 21, creating the now very well known Sansamp pedal in the early 90’s, which introduced a new concept of amplifier modeling, analogically simulating the main equalization characteristics of 3 well-known brands of amplifiers, Fender, Marshall and Mesa-Boogie. [...] read more

Introduction: how important are effects for instruments like the electric guitar and electric bass? Part 1

The sound that comes out of the guitar, electric bass, or any similar electric musical instrument is the end result of many hours of study, dedication, talent, and overcoming. What makes a tone, a sound to be recognized, appreciated, and desired? Perhaps it is jargon purposely imposed by the equipment industry over decades that we [...] read more