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Realistic Sound, Real Feel

Neural models can significantly enhance sound quality by processing audio data with advanced machine learning techniques. This can enhance the realism, richness, and detail.


Users can easily load and play a wide range of neural models, allowing them to experiment with different audio processing techniques and create unique sounds that aren’t possible with traditional audio plugins.

Ease of Use

A smart set of controls over the modelled tones that allows musicians to easily craft their optimum settings for each model.
Advanced controls available for further tweakability.

AIDA-X is a neural model player that brings a new level of sound quality, flexibility, and ease of use to the MOD Audio ecosystem.

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Available for FREE for the MOD Dwarf and for computers


Audio Plugin

Use it for free on your desktop or notebook.
aida-x is free open source software.

Using AIDA-X

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High quality models

Professionally captured models of iconic amplifiers that deliver exceptional sound quality and convenience are available at the Plugin Shop, eliminating the need to search through countless community models or train your own.

These plugins use advanced combined models, meticulously trained from multiple captures at different gain settings, allowing real gain adjustment inside the model.

For added convenience, these plugins include multiple quality levels, allowing optimum CPU usage according to your needs.

For those who crave the roaring sound of high gain distortion and crushing power chords, the JCVM plugin is an absolute beast with a twist. Modeled after the legendary Marshall JVM410H* amp head this plugin brings unparalleled versatility. With five channels you can effortlessly switch between pristine clean tones, classic crunch, searing lead and bone-crushing distortion.

The AIDA Twin Classic Plugin is a faithful digital recreation of the iconic Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. It meticulously captures the unique sound characteristics of this legendary amp, known for its crystal-clear tones. Perfect for guitarists seeking that classic, vintage sound with the convenience of a plugin, the Twin Classic offers the distinctive warmth and depth that made the original Twin Reverb a staple in music studios and stages worldwide.

Based on the highly acclaimed Egnater Tweaker 40* amp this plugin captures the essence of its physical counterpart versatility and adaptability. With a range of switchable voicings from sparkling American cleans to British overdrive and even a bluesy Tweed option the TWEAKER plugin allows you to dial in your desired tone with ease.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Fender Vibrolux* amplifier known for its exceptional tonal richness, versatility and vintage allure VIBRO faithfully captures the essence of what makes this amp truly special.

*Product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with MOD Audio or AIDA DSP; they were used merely to identify the product whose sound was incorporated in the creation of these plugins.

A Full Collection of high quality amp models.
Free of charge.

The AIDA Showcase Plugin is a unique offering that provides a glimpse into the diverse range of sounds available in AIDA’s paid plugins.
This plugin features static models of every channel from AIDA’s premium plugins, allowing users to experience the quality and variety of tones they offer.
It’s an excellent tool for users to preview and explore the capabilities of AIDA’s full suite of plugins before making a purchase.

Demos and Reviews

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Make your own models

One of the coolest features of AIDA-X is the ability to generate new models from real gear without the need of actual coding.

We have put together a series of tutorials with step-by-step instructions and all you need to start cloning your own (or your friends’…) amps and pedals is a computer with a sound card.

Neural Modeling Overview

What’s Neural Modeling? Neural modeling in the context of guitar equipment refers to the use of artificial neural networks to create…

AIDA-X Reviews

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Community Exchange

The MOD community is very active and the Forum is the main place to gather.
Share your clones and try models from other users.
Discuss model training and sharpen your modelling skills.
Help building a massive model repository.

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