Welcome to the AIDA-X online player!

Select a file from the list below to start playing. On some browsers you may also need to click on the plugin GUI as well.


This is a web version of the AIDA-X plugin as available for MOD devices and desktop audio plugin.
Unlike the desktop counterpart, this version does not have audio input.
Instead a pre-selected list of guitar audio loops is made available. You can still load your own Amp models and Cabinet IRs though.

This web player requires a browser that can do “Web-Assembly”.
Chrome-based browsers or Firefox is recommended, using Safari should also work but will consume more CPU due to it not supporting Web-Assembly SIMD.

User Manual

Loading files

Click on the related filename to open a file browser and load a different file.
The little icon on the left side allows to turn on/off the Amp Model and Cabinet IR.
Both wav and flac audio formats are supported for IR files.

A quick model pack can be downloaded from Aida DSP Google Drive folder.
Check out the MOD Forum’s Neural Modelling section for an online place for discussion, sharing and all things related to Amp Models.


The AIDA-X UI contains input and output meters, for ease of monitoring the sound.
These are peak meters calculated at a maximum of 60 FPS.

Both meters will change colors to indicate when sound is clipping.
When -3dB is reached the meters turn yellow, and on 0dB they turn red.
The meters will change back to the previous color once the audio signal falls below -3dB of their tripping point (so -6dB for yellow, -3dB for red).


In AIDA-X knobs will move slowly when holding down the Ctrl key.
Holding down the Shift key or double-clicking a knob will reset it to its default value.

From left to right:

Bypass and Input Level

On/Off switch, stops the audio output when off.
NOTE: On the desktop plugin this switch acts as bypass, letting the audio pass-through when off. For the web version it instead stops playing.
Input Level attenuates / emphasizes the input signal before sending it to the Amp Model.

EQ tone controls (part 1)

Pre/Post switch changes the position of the tone controls, either running before or after the Amp Model.
Bandpass/Peak switch changes the MID control to Bandpass so that BASS and TREBLE will be excluded.
Default setting for MID control is Peaking or Parametric EQ with adjustable Frequency and Q.

EQ tone controls (part 2)

Extra EQ related controls.
Depth is a Peaking or Parametric EQ to boost the low end.
Presence is an High Shelf EQ to boost the high end.

Output Level

For a final gain compensation, on the desktop plugin this does not apply to the bypassed signal.