the mod universe

Now for Desktops

free, as in beer too

the mod universe

Now for Desktops

free, as in beer too

Explore, Create & Play

Sculpt your tone, community-enhanced.

Effortlessly create your dream rigs using a familiar pedalboard workflow, enriched by a vast library of community-driven plugins.

A Diverse Universe of Plugins Awaits

200+ plug-ins, and growing

A vast and comprehensive collection of over 200 plug-ins, ranging from the essential effects to innovative synth and MIDI tools.

Adoption of open standards allowing everyone to create their own plugins or customize the exisiting ones.

Loaders for most formats

Use multiple instances of NAM or AIDA-X neural model loaders.
Add your Cabinet and Reverb IR files to create your own custom rig.

Load your SF2/SFZ vitual instruments or Hydrogen drums.
Play along your existing audio or MIDI tracks and loops.

Tools for every need

Many intuitive tools for routing, looping, mixing, sequencing, playing, recording, and more.

Craft the perfect chain and fully monitor it. Crate a powerful workflow for both guitar/bass and electronic elements.

How to use

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Total patching freedom

The assembler interface allows you to connect any plugin to any other, crafting signal chains that are as unique as your playing.
Whether you’re blending effects in unconventional ways, stacking signals for complex sounds or creating multiple chains for separate instruments, this flexibility empowers you to experiment and discover without limitations.

Tempo control and sync

Host tempo and transport control. Keep players and sequencers in sync. Bind any time-dependent control, like delay times or LFO rates, to the host tempo. Choose from a range of musical dividers to align these elements rhythmically with each other. Sync to external units via MIDI or AbletonLink.

MIDI compatibility and tools

Integrate your MIDI controllers and devices seamlessly. Map MIDI controls to any plugin parameter for real-time manipulation, sync your tempo with external drum machines, or trigger synths and effects with your MIDI keyboard.

Utilize the many MIDI tools to split, filter, generate and change MIDI messages.

CV modules and control automation

Use Control Voltages (CV) to manipulate various aspects of your plugins. Create dynamic interactions between effects by routing CV signals to control parameters like filter cutoffs, modulation depths, or even amplitude levels. Whether you’re modulating a delay with an LFO or using an envelope follower to drive a distortion unit, the CV modules provide a powerful and expressive way to craft your sound and bring a modular approach to your digital environment.

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Get Involved, Participate and Contribute

Open Source

The MOD Desktop is a Free Open Source project. Check out the code base at Github


The MOD Community is very active and meets at the MOD Forum. Come and say “hi”!


You can also contact us directly via your preferred channel.

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