a universe of reverbs at your feet

Realistic rooms and halls, meticulously modeled plates and springs, and otherworldly shimmering spaces

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A comprehensive collection

An epic assortment of premium reverbs from simple classics to complex stereo convolutions

  • Realistic rooms and halls, meticulously modeled plates and springs, and otherworldly shimmering spaces
  • Powerful processing with both algorithmic and impulse response programs
  • More processing power than a rack full of vintage reverbs

Versatile modulation options

The additional processing capabilities of the MOD Dwarf offer unprecedented sonic possibilities to modify your reverbs.

  • Gated effects
  • Extended trails
  • Rhythmic motion
  • Dynamic resonant filters

A powerful convolution engine

Reproduce massive real spaces with immersive stereo imaging

  • Load your own impulse responses to create your own signature reverbs
  • Support for extra long impulse responses of over 15 seconds for authentic reverb tails
  • Upload IR file formats up to four-channel polywavs

Exceptional sound

The sound quality of the reverb plugins is exceptional, and this can make a significant difference in the overall sound of your audio tracks.

Check out the demo videos to see the plugin in action and hear the difference it can make in a variety of audio contexts.

Powered by plugins

MOD Audio’s open plug-in platform makes it simple to add more reverbs as they become available, and offers numerous reverbs from multiple different developers including:

Custom crafted pedalboards

Get started right away with 15 polished, signature pedalboards. Instant access to powerful reverbs with key parameters already mapped to the MOD Dwarf controllers and ready to be used out of the box.

External Reviews

Check out what others are saying about our new plugins!

The team at TheSuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow has provided a comprehensive review of our latest reverb plugins.

Watch as Gabor takes you through the amazing sounds you can achieve with MOD Audio’s reverb effects.

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