With the intuitive user interface, you create your personal patches quick, easy and effortless.

Intuitive User Interface

The visual core of the MOD experience is expressed in the User Interface. Represented while the MOD device is connected to any computer or tablet, this patching environment houses the user’s stream of processing through easy-to-read graphic components. Drag and Drop any combination of effects working in parallel with virtual instruments, midi utilities, and CV for wildly dynamic and imaginative audio setups. Connect freely with no limit to the patching options in the signal chain. Everything within the environment slips into your fingertips through this space.

Full control from a single place

The MOD User Interface is your schematic playground. Audio is visualized from left to right across a scalable workspace, where plug-in objects are dragged, dropped, and patched effortlessly into Pedalboard configurations. Program your hardware control templates for an entirely customized approach. Once engaged, capture your inspiration as saveable Snapshots, Banks and store your creations to the online Pedalboard library. Get valuable feedback from the user community or learn from users’ contributions. The User Interface is a platform for discovery.


All of the processing of the MOD OS is housed in its hardware. Expand out of the standalone mode while connected to a computer or tablet for discovery mode. With no software to install, or internet needed to patch, the MOD UI is visualized through a web browser, with all settings and user programs native to the device. Connect to the internet to upload and download user content or additional plugins as needed.