One open-source based OS across all durable MOD devices gives you access to all the features of the platform

Open source-based OS

As culture shifts forward, the Open-Source approach has risen as a key development in building creative communities and engaged users. The MOD OS embraces this idea. Basing its system on a collection of open platform code, enabling cooperative developments and innovative features with ease and flexibility, the MOD OS shines in its openness.

Future proof

The rolling release format of the MOD OS ensures improvements and additional features are integrated automatically as they are available. Refining the processing and user experience with each regular update and making way for the next developments of the MOD System, the MOD programming team has an ear to the user’s needs. Smooth integration and an easily comprehended approach are hallmarks of the MOD OS.

Features of the Platform

In front of the OS, where the mechanics are enabled is the platform system. These customizable settings can easily be saved for a variety of usages and swapped instantaneously as Snapshots. Utilizing a switchable Master tempo all time-based increments can be set to one tempo, for precise midi transport. Midi support is flexible and easily routed to hardware as well as CV ports when applicable. The MOD OS includes file handling for the integration of audio, midi, and IR files to be used within the environment in samplers, sequencers, and IR-compatible audio effects.