June Neural Madness

Get a €50 Voucher with MOD Dwarf Purchase

Welcome to the MOD June Neural Promo!

From 1st to 30th June, customers who purchase a MOD Dwarf will receive a voucher worth 50€ to spend on any of our paid neural amp plugins in the MOD Plugin Shop.

To redeem the voucher, customers simply need to send an email to vouchers@mod.audio with proof of purchase of the MOD Dwarf within the promotion period and the serial number of the purchased unit.

Once verified, we’ll send the voucher straight to your inbox. Please note that this promotion is only valid for the purchase of new units.

The 50€ voucher can be used for the purchase of the following paid reverb plugins:

  • Classic British Tone
  • Classic American Tone
  • British Rock Tone

Learn about neural modelling in the MOD Platform at our Neural Modelling Page

For more information about our commercial plugins, visit our commercial plugins page

You can purchase the MOD Dwarf at any retailer from our network